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Works of art I would like to see in person.

This is a painting created by the artist Paula Signac. The artist chose to use oil paints on a canvas background to create this work of art. Signac visited the port in the early 1900's and was so enthused by it that he later decided to paint the port off of a drawing. For me, this painting drew me because of its use of light and the mystical effect that it has combined with the blue hues.
This beautiful work of art was created by the Dinglinger brothers between 170-1708. They combined precious metal of silver and gold along with a mixture of jewels that included diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and more to create what only can be described as a magnificent masterpiece. The intricate details that were placed into this work of art is truly not comprehended through mere photographs. It is something that must be seen in person to truly grasp the magnificence of the piece.
This beautiful oil canvas painting was created by artist Peter Paul Rubens. The portrait is of the Princess of Conde shortly after she was married. The dark, rich, red tones of her dress coupled with the black & gold background help to accentuate her pale & creamy skin tone. Rubens painted this specifically so he could show the luminosity of her beautiful skin.
This beautiful statue was made with plaster and created by artist Jean-Antoine Houdon around 1971. Houdon used his third daughter as both an inspiration & model for the piece. He took his time with this piece, carefully detailing the child's facial features along with catch lights showing in the eyes.The part of the piece that intrigues me the most is how Houdon was able to capture the child's innocence through her eyes. He seems to have carved a moment in time of pure wonderment & innocence that all children lose to soon & as parents we long for that innocence to return
The city of Dresden has been documented over the years in many formats, but it is the painting by artist Bernardo Belloto that has helped truly express and shape the growing city. The painting was created in 1748, and it displays the view of the city from the right bank of the Elbe. The picture depicts a time in the city as it was starting to grow by displaying the buildings that were being erected in the distance. This was achieved by highlighting the building using bright blue skies to draw your eye in.
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