The Art Elements.

Mateusz Szumowicz  Per: 2

Line- This picture is of a face made out of curved, straight and other forms of lines. That is why I chose this painting.
Shape- this picture has an organic shape on it and it is a leaf. This is not a geometric element because it is not man made.
Form- This picture has form in it because it has height, width, and depth. It is a sculpture because people can walk around it.
Value- This painting has lots of value in it because there are lighter parts which represent the fog, and the darker parts are the earth that the artist painted.
Space- This bird is the only positive space of the painting and there is lots of negative space. This negative space brings out the image a lot more.
Texture- This snake has a slick skin which can almost be felt if looked at because of the detail of the scales.
Color- This picture has a lot of color from all of the fruit on the tree. This picture stands out because all of these colors mixed together make the painting look very intense.
Credits: All media
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