Expressions of love

Affectionate displays of emotion in paintings through contrast and color.

The quintessential knight in shining armor and his fair skinned maiden. Their love for each other visually shown through their facial expressions and her gently placed hand on his.
We see a mother's love for her child as she playfully bounces him on her knee, her child's outstretched arms reaching for her. The smile on her face depicts her joy during a private moment.
This is an emotional reunion between a father and son as the son kneels at his feet begging forgiveness. The father's hands on the son's shoulders while looking down at him with love and compassion.
Delilah expresses her love to Samson. She gazes into her lover's face while reaching for him. Samson's hand rests on her thigh as he returns the gaze.
Mars is on his knee beneath his love, Venus, as cupid places a ribbon around her leg binding her to the God of War. Her pale skin contrasts to his dark attire defining masculine and femininity aspects
Two lovers visually share a passionate embrace and kiss. Love is expressed through their body positions as they sit silhouetted by the bright outdoors through the window behind them.
A young woman dressed in the same color as the flower she's staring at clutches a letter. The warm smile on her face suggests it's perhaps a love letter that she's holding close to her heart.
Pastel colors showcase a couple sitting on a settee during a date. The woman's courter lovingly stares at her with his hand on her wrist. Through his facial expression he appears enthralled with her.
Cupid gazes up into the face of a Venus, Cupid's arm wrapped around Venus's leg. It's an almost colorless picture except for the golden-like hue background. Love is visually shown through both faces.
Bright colors engulf this couple as the female tenderly rests her head on her lover's shoulder with her arms wrapped around his neck. He contentment shown on his face as even the dog gazes up at both.
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