Greek Art

By: Anthony Wtulich

This jar is called an amphora. It is used to carry just about any liquid and sometimes cremated bodies. This form of Classical Greek pottery was believed to be completed by Polygnotos a famous Greek artist found in Athens.
This scarab depicts a scene from the Greek Myth called the Seven against Thebes. Scarabs were first made in Greece during the 500's BC, and remained popular through the 300's BC. They were considered something most rich people had among their riches.
This type of art was found in Iran, in which it was used aerate wine. However it was introduced to Greek culture when Alexander the Great took over Iran during his great journey to capture the world. However after he left Iran the art was no longer created and the previous versions of the Lion Rhyton became scarce and scattered across Iran.
These types of vases were common during Greek culture and some of the most popular pottery in the world. This type of vase was commonly used in the burial of the dead. These vases usually depicted common Greek stories. This vase depicts multiple stories. The one on top depicts a Gorgon head being pinned while the story under that depicts people using an ancient style of dancing.
This sculpture depicts what appears to be a wrestling match. However it is believed to depict a battle between a Ptolemaic king and a lower class citizen, probably an intruder. This sculpture was believed to be found common during Egyptian times but the style of art shows a Greek influence.
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