China Culture

Ashlynn Anderson period 3

During the Reign of Emperpor Qin Shi HUang to defend the country against invasion by northern tribes.
The stupa is a symbol found across all buddhist traditions. i like how it is structured how there are different patterns
This is rare painting of Shantarakshita portrays the great spirtiual master surrounded by biographical episodes.
Ships were very important for transportation in china. i like how there a few pictures on the side of the boat. i think each picture at least tells a story.
The Mortar is some type of drum that people in china use when celebrating the holidays.
This scroll shows that women in China can also be worriors to.
the people who want to worship in site of temple mangwolsa, i think they want peace and happiness around them as they worship
This painting with a dragon and a phoenix looks like they are trying to not battle each other but become friends
The bottom of the Liaoning-type Bronze Dragger looks like a feather, the top of it has really intersting designs.the whole thing looks like a cane
This room is really bright and colorful. it really shows how spirtiual china culture is.
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