The Elements of Art

This gallery contains an array of work that display the different elements of art. Enjoy the work!

This work is an example of line because it is an etched engraving and line defines all of the shapes and subject matter in this work.
This work is an example for color because this element dominates the image.
This is an example of shape because this piece focuses on using squares and rectangles for the composition.
This picture is an example of value because the effect of gradation is created in the image by using various values of the different colors of the image
This picture is an example of texture because of the artist's use of brushstrokes creates texture physically and creates implied texture.
This work is a great example for the element of space because the artist carefully uses the position of the two scenes to create a balanced composition.
This painting is an example of form because the artist used value to create the illusion of three-dimensional objects.
Credits: All media
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