Faces of war

When you think about war, often what comes to mind is the heroism, patriotism, and acts of bravery.  But on the other side of that, is the fear of the unknown of what's the outcome will be and the hardships of physically being in war.  Here are depictions of various war scenes and images of people involved in these wars that express the raw emotions of those in battle.

Here is a piece that depicts two friends in the middle of battle. The man with the helmet is caring for his wounded friend while trying to keep himself protected as well. You can imagine what is going through this man's mind and can assume all of the emotions that he is feeling.
Here is a painting that depicts a battle scene in the Civil War that was done in 1871. No matter what side you choose to fight on, there will always be casualties. A man might not make it home to his wife and kids; a young boy might not make it back to his parents of fiancé. Death is a part of war.
Here is a depiction of a battle from the Algerian War. Here you can see one side of the war being overrun by the opposing army. You can see the losing side beginning to retreat while the other army is pushing forward. You can imagine the fear and frustration the losing side might've been feeling as they are being overrun.
Here is a troop of German soldiers marching in a parade that was taken in 1941. No matter what side of a war you're fighting on, there has to be a level of discipline and structure. For these men to act like a unit, there had to be a mutual trust in that their leader was leading them down the right path.
Here is an image of war prisoners in 1938. Being a prisoner of war, you can imagine the uncertainty these men might have felt. You can also imagine what their thoughts might've been- "Am I ever going to make it back home?" or "Am I going to die in this camp?"
Here is a photograph of two of General Miaja's men writing letters in 1937. Being able to communicate with loved ones back home was some of these soldiers only way of finding comfort while being in the middle of war. Also being able to share their experiences and being able to confide with someone can be a way to cope with the effects of war.
Here is a photograph that depicts a group of young men, some of which even look like children, attacking rebels in 1936. For many soldiers, it was not a choice to take part in war. Many boys were taken from their families and forced to carry out the will of their leaders. You can imagine the emotions going through these young men, who have barely even experienced life in general, going to war and having to fight for their survival.
Here is a photograph of a counter attack of a group of soldiers against their enemy in 1936. You can see by the terrain that this probably would've been a difficult environment to fight on and how that might contribute to their anxiety about going into battle. The disadvantage of the rough terrain may have also greatly affected their physical capabilities as well.
Here is a depiction of a group of women soldiers with one male soldier in 1936. During this time, it was a very new thing for women to be able to enlist in the military. These women must have been exceptionally brave and courageous to go against social norms and do what was considered a "man's job". And even still today, there is still controversy about letting women on the frontlines.
Here is an image of red soldiers surrendering to their enemies under gunpoint in Madrid. You can imagine the tension between these two groups and the fear the red soldiers must be experiencing. By the look of their environment, you can see they are not near civilizations. That means that these men that surrendered must walk who knows how far with their arms held up. Along with fear, exhaustion is definitely something they would be feeling.
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