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This is approximately how Rome was when Constantine was ruler. This is only a small portion of what he had to lead over, because he also had the entire Roman Empire to direct.
Antonius Pius, as featured, was a Caesar of Rome who successfully lead the people through peace and wealth.
Marcus Aurelius was yet another Emperor of Rome. He was one of the merciless ones who promoted the deaths of the Christians. For most of his time as Emperor of Rome, he was at the battle fronts against the German barbarians, who had grown restless. While there, his men were exceedingly thirsty, and so the Christians there prayed to God to supply rain, which he did. This took Aurelius by surprise, and he did not like that this had happened.
The Tiber River was a famous geographical point in Eusebius, The Church History.
Josephus was an author that Eusebius would add in snippets of his work. It ranged from large sections to small additions, but Josephus played a great source to Eusebius' writing.
Cannibalism was quite common in the Siege of Jerusalem. Eusebius does mention a women eating her child because she was so hungry, and this photograph is the a copy of the actual manuscript of Eusebius' writing.
Book 1 of Eusebius discusses what Jesus did and his work while he was a man, saving his people. The Last Supper was one of those things that he did.
Even through persecution, the Christian Church grew in great abundance. This is a manuscript of Seven Churches in Asia Minor.
Peter was a disciple of Christ, who later became an Apostle.
Most commonly known as Nero, this Roman Emperor loved to prosecute and kill Christians. But the lives of the martyrs weren't the only ones he ruined. He also killed the majority of his family members and even himself. He considered himself above the gods, which lead many to believe he was mad.
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