art Elements

Space- This piece of art uses space because it has both positive and negative space. The positive space it the cup itself. The negative space is the space inside and around the cup.
Line- This piece of art uses line un many different ways. There are parallel and intersecting lines. Some are long, short and curved.
Color- this piece of art uses color because it has two different shades of yellow, red, and orange. This piece mainly represents intensity.
Texture- This piece uses texture because just by looking at it you feel like you can feel the hut. This type of texture would be implied texture. It would also feel very rough.
Shape- This piece of art uses shape in many different ways. Some of the shapes here are organic and some are geometric. This piece has a little of everything.
Form- This sculpture uses form because you can go up to it and touch it. You can also go in the middle f it. It has height, width, and depth.
Value- This piece uses value because you can tell where the light is hitting it because the grass gets darker the farther you get. It looks to be about midday.
Credits: All media
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