Statelessness vs. Community

In "The Perplexities of the Rights of Man," author, Hannah Ardent, tells us how we are exposed to the human race and how it relies on a community to fulfill the rights as a human being. A stateless person loses many of the qualities when they are removed from their homeland. Arendt states in “The Perplexities of the Rights of Man: Stateless Persons,” that “Man, as it turns out, can lose all so-called Rights of Man without losing his essential quality as man, his human dignity. Only the loss of a polity itself expels him from humanity” (Arendt 38). Half of the art pieces in the following gallery will capture the essence of the stateless person through images of unidentified and community-less subjects. The art pieces chosen are meant to show how people are dehumanized when they are without a community, away from their culture, and stateless. Therefore, some of the following images will capture what she describes to us as the migrants to whom of which are without a home, but the other half of the gallery will exemplify the opposite side of this thesis.  Art pieces representing community, togetherness, cultures, and human dignity will be used to show how humans need each other to survive. Belonging and being part of a community are both large parts of what makes human life matter; this statement will become more tangible after viewing the complete opposites side by side, in the same gallery.  Quotes from Hannah Arendt’s “Perplexities of the Rights of Man,” and other philosophers, such as Lucretius, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Karl Marx, will assist the art pieces in capturing the thesis of this argument. 

"They are deprived, not of the right to freedom, but to the right to action; not of the right to think whatever they please, but of the right to opinion." -Arendt "Perplexities of the Rights of Man"
"We are forever panting with an unquenchable thirst for life. No one knows what the years to come will bring -what joy or strife." -Lucretius "The Nature of Things" pg. 105
"By itself the loss of government protection is no more than the loss of a home... The new refugees were not persecuted for what they had done or thought but because of what they unchangeably were..." -Arendt pg. 35
"Civilized countries did offer the right of asylum to those who, for political reasons, had been persecuted by their governments..." -Arendt pg. 35
"In this very society promises will be made; in this very society the object is to provide the promise-maker with a memory..." Friedrich Nietzsche "On Genealogy of Morals pg. 49
"At this stage, the laborers still form an incoherent mass scattered over the whole country, and broken up by their mutual competition." -Marx "The Communist Manifesto" pg. 9
"Just as it has made the country dependent on the towns, so it has made barbarian and semi-barbarian countries dependent on the civilized ones" -Marx "The Communist Manifesto" pg. 6
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