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Gerhard Richter uses scraping to create a feeling of movement in his works, inspiring my BOW
The simplicity of the ideas for some artworks can develop into the most beautiful of results. The way that paint is applied to a canvas is a work of art in itself, not just the turnout.
Street art has influenced art and changed the nature of it since it was first considered to be 'art'.
Geometrics in art can help the audience feel a sense of placement and calmness as the organisational structure of the work makes it easy to deconstruct and give meaning to.
Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential women artists in art history. But not just art history, history around the world.
Modern and contemporary sculptures like these provide the viewer with a sense of enlightenment and serenity. The white of the work releases a feeling of purity.
Simple landscape paintings like these have been done millions of times but never fail to impress the audience. The colour palette used and the perspective from which it is painted provide uniqueness.
The monochromatic colour scheme of this work places further importance on the subject matter, forcing the viewer to deconstruct the work and create meaning for why everything is where it is.
Georgia O'Keeffe, being one of my favourite women artists, applies paint to the canvas with softness and delicacy. Her technique is one of the most admirable I've seen.
The bright complementary colours of the yellow flowers against the blue water provide a sense of peace to the audience, as the landscape is in harmony.
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