My name is Ashton Pickle and I chose pieces of art where the focal points are clear. You can see in these pieces where the artists tries to draw our attention.

Emphasis is placed on the center of the circle because of the radial balance of the artwork
Emphasis on drinks is shown through color contrast and the directional lines from the heads of the people sitting
Emphasis is placed on the blossoming flower by color contrast
The focal point is shown clearly through the contrast in color
Our eyes our drawn to the two people through use of perspective. The two people are the closest focal point
There are two focal points in this painting. One is on the couple and the other is on the dark man. Emphasis is used through the contrast of light and darkness
The focal point is placed on the center through use of contrasting light and darkness and also through radial balance
The focal point is in the center of the helmet through color contrast
Credits: All media
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