The boy who conquered 

This gallery included works that represent Napolean Bonaparte, a French military leader and emperor who conquered much of Europe by the early 19th century. This works are oil paintings, some will include portraits of Napolean, his horse and his children.

This painting is of Napoleon riding his white horse, he points behind him and is dressed in his military uniform. This image shows Napoleon as we best know him, on his horse in uniform. This painting shows him in all his strength.
This painting is in black in white, showing Napoleon dressed in uniform reading a book; his daughter sound asleep on his lap. This painting paints a different side of Napoleon, keeping him in his uniform but showing a little bit of his humanity.
Napolean's profile is painted in his Coronation robes. This painting shows him in all his glory, an emperor and elegance. Still his face is serious and strong.
Napoleon is painted on his white horse and red cape as he rides into battle. This has to be my favorite painting of Napoleon. This image is what most of us know him to be. Riding in with troops into battle with his large red cape. The leader
This painting shows Napoleon dressed in red and white robes as he holds a crown out. This painting is a little different then what I used to picture Napoleon as, rather than at war on his horse he is pictured as royalty. He is known for being painted in his military uniform. Here he is painted in high end elegant robes.
Napoleon is painted in portrait form dressed in military uniform. This painting shows a young napoleon with a clean face almost looking innocent. He is dressed in his commonly seen military uniform but without his domineering or ego showing through in this painting.
This painting depicts Napoleon on his white horse standing still with a his army creeping in subtle. Napoleon looks as if he is just standing or waiting when really his army is quietly approaching from behind. I chose this because it shows a bit of his potential in strategy.
Napoleon, dressed in his military uniform as he poses in his study casually. This painting if it weren't for his uniform would seem as if he was a casual man, posing for a painting. His hand on his stomach through his uniform makes him seem at ease.
This picture shows napoleon as if he was showing his son around, dressed in a military uniform. This paints him still as a commander but also a father. Showing two parts of who he is.
This painting paints napoleon on a throne as he hands something to his guard. There is a naked person laid out before him naked. I chose this painting because it shows Napoleon more as an emperor rather than a military man. Putting him in a different role.
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