Design Principle: Contrast

The blotches of ink are so simply, yet create the elegant image of two horses
The contrast from light to dark adds dimension to this piece.
The contour lines and contrast in color add light and movement to this piece
The contrast in textures and black and white (use of positive and negative space) add dimension and interest.
The contrast between the different elements of man made building and construction versus the surrounding nature tells a story in this piece.
The contrast between the very geometrical and the very organic shapes in this piece intrigue me.
The dark color of the torso contrasts well with the lighter color of the trousers and the skin texture contrasts with the fabric texture to add interest and dimension in this piece
The contrast between positive and negative space plays with focal points and dimension in this piece.
The contrast between lines and the use of negative space draw the eye in.
The contrast between textures and light add character to this photo.
Credits: All media
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