The Many crucifixion's of christ

Over many centuries the crucifixion of Christ has been interpreted in many different ways by many different artist. This is the reason behind the title of my gallery just to showcase just a few of the art created of the centuries. Keep in mind that the art is not in any particular order.

In this picture the light from the heavens are shining down on Christ, as if the rays are washing over his body preparing him for his entrance. In front of all that hated and loved him as he died.
The painting shows all of Christs followers, along with soldiers. With what looks like the devil sitting on the throne of hell on the right side, and the castle where his fate was determined.
Here you see Mary Magdalene still kneeling in mourning before her dead son, as everyone else has left the scene. As the sky is dark as if the heavens were in mourning with her.
Depicted here Mary and a few disciples are still at the cross of Christ, mourning over his body that was left on display.
Here Mary is still mourning at the foot of her son Christ's cross. Then an angel appears as if he is there to comfort her. While the city sits off in the distance of the background.
Depicted here Mary sits a the foot of the cross still in mourning while two of Christ's disciples stand next to her as if they are praying. Behind Christ it looks as if a light is attempting to shine.
Here everybody has gathered around all three crosses with the main focus being on the cross of Christ. The heavens over the crosses are dark as if to say that they're making a terrible mistake.
In this picture it shows Mary being held up by a disciple as if she has fainted over the death of her son. While on the right someone else stands as if they're ashamed to look at what was done.
Like the others here we have Mary and two disciples still in mourning, but with this painting the clouds open up while the light shine through to outline the body of Christ as he hangs on the cross.
Depicted in this final piece is Mary and two disciples still in mourning at the foot of Christ's cross. On the left and right are the two thieves hanging from there crosses, and the detail in amazing.
Credits: All media
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