Complementary Colours

i will be judging these based on both the 18th century complementary model and modern day RGB

Not all works of art will use complementary colours. In this case the only complementary colours are blue and yellow of the dress on the woman and the riverbank.
theres big emphasis on complementary colours here. The blue of the sky and the yellow of the flames and moon as well as the glow on white clothing. Night scenes always work well with this combination.
The red of the man's clothing catches the eyes attention as it stands out from the blue green shades of the river and vast landscape.
I suppose any colour goes with white so the pink red of the trees complement the snow regardless.
Blue and green are not complementary but are very easy on the eyes. Mixed with yellow / orange they become more definable. Also the attention to detail in this picture is impeccable.
the sky has a tint of complementary blue and yellow but the white and black of the cow right in the center captures my attention just as much.
This definitely stood out from the others. Kinda looked like a kids drawing and still does.Its just too colourful for my tastes which shows that multiple complements can ruin something.
The bright yellow tree is perfect against the sky but the white horse also provides interest to the bottom right.
There's a lot more saturation and contrast happening in this picture which I like. As usual there's a figure at the bottom who stands out. Red and white are recurring colours.
Same thing with the cows at the bottom. I don't think these painters had much originality.
This is kinda like the last winter scene but a lot more detailed. It still follows the same patterns of reddish brown against white. I still like it though.
aha this time the cows have been replaced by a bunch of smaller sheep. the rock formation here is impressive though.
I dont know whats going on here, looks like an indoor garden which I really like. Here we've got the red of the pedestal on the right and the blue of the wall to the left.
I am drawn to pictures like this simply because I have yet to see an expanse as broad and green as this. Very slight complement with the yellow in the grass and the sky.
I chose this one because it looked very drab unlike many of the others. All the colours are washed out and it just looks depressing. There's some faint blue and red but everything else is just shades.