Healing camp

Healing Camp will heal the minds of people who are struggling in life to open their eyes to the beauty that life has to offer 

Working by Studs Terkel Learn about the true meaning of work! These days, so many people are dissatisfied with their jobs and complain about their long work hours, lack of freedom and exhaustion after work. With Terkel’s meaningful interviews with various workers with different occupations, thousands of people have been taken on a journey to learn how to take advantage of their jobs and to “search, too, for daily meaning.” Thus, they found the the true meaning and value of their professions. Terkel includes thousands of interviews from waitresses to business executives, that will help you to feel grateful and appreciative about your working hours by hypnotizing you to think that there are so many others who are engaged in so much more exhausting and inauspicious jobs. “He attacked many people who held shameful views of their jobs” - Los Angeles Times
The Nature of Things by Titus Lucretius Carus Stop worrying and be happy! With Lucretius’s valuable and unexchangeable advice about life, millions of people have learned how to free themselves of worries and anxiety and bring out the beauty that life has to offer. Many of us fear death and the impact our death will have on our family and friends after our death. However, Lucretius tells us that it is foolish to think such a way because life after one’s death is essentially the same as life before his existence, which could not possibly have caused him much pain and suffering because he was not alive on earth to feel anything. This is simply just one of the countless powerful and influential life teachings by Lucretius. He provides further guides that will help us to achieve ataraxia- a state of tranquility and freedom from anxiety and worry. “Full of inspiration, brilliance and artistry. This book has taught me a life long lesson. ”- Ellen Degeneres
A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft Women deserve as much as men do! Through Wollstonecraft’s work, millions of people have learned to appreciate the role of women in society. Wollstonecraft says that women are essential to the society because they educate their children and can serve as companions to their husbands instead of solely wives. Although in today’s society, gender inequality is seldom witnessed and recognized, there are still some things that are more associated with men and other things that are more suitable for women. Thus, an indication of inequality. Wollstonecraft produced her work in response to 18th century educational and political theorists who were firmly opposed to equal rights for women to argue that “To render mankind more virtuous and happier of course, both sexes must act from the same principle; but how can that be expected when only one is allowed to see the reasonableness of it? To render also the social compact truly equitable, and in order to spread those enlightening principles...women must be allowed to found their virtue on knowledge, which is scarcely possible unless they be educated by the same pursuits as men.” Hence, women deserve as much education and other opportunities as men do. Her work provides readers with more insight into the role of women in society and the consequence of their absence. “It’s hard to raise voice for women. But she did it quite well”-Michelle Obama
The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison Learn to pay attention and care for others! It is quite unfortunate to admit that many people in today’s society do not feel much sympathy for one another. Leslie Jamison’s thought provoking and provocative essays force you to ask essential questions that will allow you to gain basic understanding of others: How and why should we care about others? How can we feel another’s pain? Is empathy really empathy? That is, is empathy just used to test one another to see who cares about other’s feelings more? What do we really mean when we say we feel other’s pain? Through her own experiences, she teaches us that empathy just doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes, we care for others because we have to or think that we should. But overall, it is more of a choice we make to pay attention to others and put ourselves in their position. “Could not agree more with Jamison. Great opportunity for introspection.” -Barack Obama
Oration On the Dignity of Man by Pico Della Mirandola Find the true meaning of life! It is in our human nature to complain and lament about our lives and how things run in society. We are often dissatisfied with our existence as human beings and are too busy to look upon what wonderful things life has to offer. However, Mirandola allows us to realize how blessed we are to exist as human beings on earth. People are God’s most wonderful creation that he has brought to earth because they possess free-will. That is, the ability to shape themselves into what they desire. Thus, it is truly a blessing to be born as human beings who have the ability to control themselves. Therefore, Mirandola also argues that they should be admired and praised for their existence. However, many people are not aware of this. Mirandola’s influential and powerful words will prompt more appreciativeness and joy within people. “This book has guided me tremendously to be in my current position in society today.”-Oprah Winfrey
Utopia by Thomas More Things don’t always have to be so perfect! Today, there are so many people who are perfectionists because they feel the need to be better than others to survive in this competing society. However, this revolutionary text allowed millions of readers to face the reality: There is no perfection in the world;It is the time and effort that you put in that is important, not the result. Many people unconditionally strive for things they want, wishing the result to be perfect. However, when people say perfect, do they really mean perfect? It is more important for you to not forget about the preciousness and meaning of something than being trapped in the thought that things have to be perfect. “No one has ever laid reality out so ‘perfectly’ and directly.”- CNN
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