By Samantha Hamilton

This painting was created by Francois Lemoyne, who made it only to rival against the work of Charles Le Brun. Just a little while after Francois Lemoyne finished the painting, he committed suicide. It was a sad ending to an amazing artist’s life.
This work of art is a Statue of Louis XIV. I found this statue interesting considering that we have learned a lot about Louis XIV. This statue was created for protection against an attack during World War II.
This work of art is what the Grand Canal looked like after a December storm in 1999. The making of the actual Grand Canal took a total of eleven years. The actual Grand Canal is 1,670 meters long.
This sculpture of Apollo was created between 1667 and 1665. He is being served by six Nymphs. The sculpture is by Francois Girardon and Thomas Regnaudin. This sculpture is one of Louis XIV’s first commissions under the title of sculptures.
This painting happened to be one that was done twice over. The first time the artist, Vigee-Le Brun painted it, many people said that the Queen was not wearing nice enough clothing to fit her status. He then redid the painting, painting nicer clothes onto the queen.
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