I chose this picture because it uses objects that are entirely unrelated to the portrait that it creates.
I chose this picture for the reason that the books are set up in the figure of a human.
Technically the bricks are separate shapes that create an image, which is why I chose this painting.
The composition of the panels show depth in an interesting way.
Although I like this painting, I would never have my bedroom positioned this way.
The shapes of the art in this picture add a prism-like effect that I really find intriguing.
The placement of the fish and the girl's face shows that it is meant to be underwater.
Although it is simply a circle, the direction of the lines keeps this picture exciting.
The strokes depict waves and if you look closely, there are faint images placed with the background
The style of these shapes reminds me of a stained glass window.
The letters are artfully placed on the painting.
Although all of the windows are the same size, the positioning distorts them.
The placement in this painting shows a motion blur effect.
This looks as though gravity does not exist with the way the objects appear floating.
Placing a face under tracks is always interesting if the picture looks pleasing.