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CROSS-HATCHING/ HATCHING The floor is parallel and overlapping which reminds me of the cross-hatching definition.
ASYMMETRICAL BALANCE This piece of artwork is a prime example of a Asymmetrical balance. Looking closely at the picture its not in the middle of the page, and its not balanced correctly.
IMPLIED LINE This artwork is used for implied line because it looks as if the horse-man is going to throw the giant rock at the tiger. He hasn't done it, but his actions tell it all.
SYMMETRICAL This artwork is symmetrical and it represents the definition of symmetry very well. Folded together this object will have several lines of symmetry.
ABSTRACT This certain piece of artwork is categorized as abstract because clearly its a cluster of squares arranged in a stylized art piece.
ARBITRARY COLOR This artwork has an example of arbitrary color, which is the purple colored mountain.
ANALOGOUS COLOR This artwork is made of colors that fit well together and that all are beside each other on the color wheel.
COMPLEMENTARY COLOR In this artwork the colors red and blue are complementary colors because they lay on opposite sides of the color wheel, as opposed to next to each other.
POSITIVE/ NEGATIVE SPACE In this simple piece of artwork, the negative space would be the black and the positive space would be the shape of the object in the middle.
PERCEPTUAL COLOR In this art piece, perceptual color is explained very well. The grass is tan, but grass' natural color is green.
LINE- ACTUAL This piece of artwork describes an actual line very well. Looking closely at the brick wall, its covered with several lines going in many different directions.
CHIAROSCURO In this art piece, the definition of chiaroscuro is described strongly. Behind the man's back the illusion of him being three-dimensional is created within his shadow.
PATTERN A certain type of pattern was created in this artwork. Instead of a pattern being on a specific place, it's all over the art piece.
REPETITION/ RHYTHM These two vocabulary words are described in this artwork, with the house-shaped figures containing a different person. The artist uses the same figure throughout the art piece .
GEOMETRIC SHAPE The object at the base of this sculpture represents a geometric shape, a rectangular prism to be exact.
ORGANIC SHAPE In this art piece, organic shape is implied through the clouds in the painting. The clouds are painted with a flowing appearance and they look natural.
ILLUSION OF DEPTH In this artwork, the soldiers walking the body of water creates an illusion of depth. As if the body of water is getting farther and farther away.
ACTUAL TEXTURE This artwork creates texture within the clothes of the carved sculptures.
IMPLIED TEXTURE The grass painted in this artwork describes implied texture very well. The grass looks real the way its painted and the colors the artist used to imply the texture of the grass.
MONOCHROMATIC VALUE This artwork creates monochromatic value because it uses one color and then it uses the opposite color throughout the artwork.
RADIAL BALANCE The Mosaic floor represents radial balance because it creates a illusion that something is coming from the center of the floor.
MOVEMENT / MOTION In this artwork, the artist creates motion, or movement in Venus' hair, as it flows in a different direction.
EMPHASIS This piece of art creates emphasis because the Isle is the most important thing in this painting, if not it would not be painted in the middle of the painting.
UNITY This painting creates unity because the rowers have to come together and row the boat as one in order for the boat to move.
REPRESENTATIONAL This self-portrait represents a representational artwork. This artwork is a painting of a real person.
VARIETY This artwork shows a variety of different kind of fruits.
NON- REPRESENTATIONAL This page of artwork represents a non-representational piece of art because it makes no reference to the natural world.
PROPORTION The big tree, in this artwork, describes proportion because its in the middle of the painting and its followed by various smaller tress, which aren't so big.
SCALE The size of the knight compared to the size of his surroundings are much smaller than him.The artist made the knight stand out because he painted him much larger than the setting.
CONTRAST This artwork describes contrast drastically. The dark and light colors create a rough texture.