"a different view of world war II" Exhibit 

This exhibit hosts different pieces of art works, including paintings, pictures, and artifacts regarding World War II. The specific pieces in this exhibit are meant to represent different perspectives of the war, and how it effected each individual. The tragedy in war is brought to life through the eyes of soldiers, women, children, families, nurses, and communities as a whole.

A child created this drawing at the time of the Siege of Leningrad. The child is overlooking fatal violence by showing one person inflicting fatal violence on others. It is an extremely impacting piece that expresses what it was like for children during World War II, and seeing the war through their eyes.
Friends is a painting in a series of many that reflect what it was like for soldiers during World War II. Through the expressions on their faces, the soldiers are in agony, fear, and hold extreme grief. This artwork captures the perspective of friends dying in each others arms, which happened countless times throughout the war.
The Nuremberg Trial is an ironic painting that depicts two different things. Not only does it capture the legal aspects of the war, and the stressful situations that people were put through, but it also shows what is on the other hypothetical "side": war. People are dying, and it is up to the people in those seats to find a way to end the war.
Human Laundry is a painting that signifies the role of care takers and nurses during the time of the war, and all of the inhumane things they had to see and deal with. While this painting conveys illness, death, and depression, health providers during this time were doing a remarkable thing by trying to save these innocent or hard working people.
These pieces are a collection of medals that were given to respected military personnel for their honor and bravery. In the midst of all the tragedy that is war, some of the most courageous people in our world were recognized for their dedication to their country, and making the world a better, safer place.
Spc. Jean Logan is a painting of the woman herself who served in the navy during World War II. This painting reflects the role of women in the war, and though majority of women were excluded from serving in battle, their assistance was necessary in order to win the war. The were able to nurse the soldiers back to health and have them ready to continue fight. Women were essential to the victory of World War II.
D-Day Preparations is a painting that illustrates the pressure the military was under during the time of war. While some countries had surprise attacks, there was always another side planning it. Through this painting, it is evident that some soldiers were less interested than others, but it was just part of their job to serve their country.
This is an actual identification card of a Foreign Affairs Adviser during World War II. It stresses the importance of safety, security, and precaution during this time in history, and how much responsibility would lie on the shoulders of the members of the war department. All decisions were made through these people.
This piece of art is a photograph taken overlooking the view of Nagasaki after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It captures what it was like for the community as a whole in the aftermath of destruction. Soldiers died, as well as innocent people. This was one of the most epic battles of World War II, and one of the most memorable.
This realist painting was an Russian original depicting the perspective of families in the war. The solider is hugging his wife and child, getting ready to continue his duty in World War II, meanwhile there is bombings in the background. There is fear in all of their eyes as they embark on this dreadful journey.
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