What Has our world become?

Constant change. That is what we have learned to become accustomed to in our world. As humans, we are never satisfied. We always want more-we want explanations, answers, and we want to live in a state of endless exploration. Our innate desires lead us to selfishness and actions without thought. So how does this relate to my exhibit, "What Has Our World Become?" So many factors play a crucial role as to why we act the way we do- societal expectations, judgements, aspirations, etc. However, these factors become a problem when they result in us detaching ourselves from nature. What happened to pure simplicity and true nature? We are continuously striving to develop, innovate, and improve things around us. By doing this, we further complicate our society which is taking us further away from where we once started. The theme of nature versus technology is one in which we discussed in depth. The thought of it is actually captivating, because it is something we now take for granted. The continuous process of innovation is causing us to deter our attention away from the most important things in life. The combination of humans and technology inevitably results in taking away from simplicity. Throughout my exhibit, I explore the ideas and questions we developed in class on this topic. I carefully selected pieces from the galleries that I thought best depicted important points I took away from this specific matter. A critical question that comes to mind while discussing this theme is, how is this affecting the way we live? Yes, there are positives to modernization and advancements, but more importantly the negative effects are what we need to take a closer look at it. This exhibit provides an opportunity to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture of what our world has become.

What do we think of when we hear the word nature? Maybe a memory-we do not embrace it in the world we live in. According to Thoreau,“We might as well omit to study nature because she is old”(82).
Nature, simplicity, life. Why do we complicate everything? Why do we not act as one with nature? According to Epictetus, "So show me how, exactly, you acted in accordance with nature" (30).
Lucretius once said,"Nothing's brought Forth by any supernatural power out of naught"(7). Attempting to understand where we came from, may help us understand where we stand now, and where we're going.
Selfishness and independence.Our society has shaped us to act based upon these terms.Societal expectations are crucial.According to Wollstonecraft,"Nature has given woman a weaker frame than man"(28).
An important part of realizing how much we rely on materialistic items and technology in our world today, is by taking a step back-perhaps isolate ourselves. We can obtain a whole new perspective.
We focus less on what matters due to technological innovation and advancements. We are slowly being distracted away from the aspects of life that are supposed to be the most valuable.
Society shaped us to focus on money.We constantly desire more and we are never satisfied with what we have.Our innate selfishness and greed takes over,causing us to act outside of the realm of nature.
Without all of your material items,would you be happy? Would you change your outlook on the way we live?Every human began as a clean slate.We choose our paths, and we live based off of those choices.
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