Korean Art

This gallery has four pieces of Korean ceramic art work. The first piece is called Sound Tree and is a outside sculpture with stainless steel and clay put together. The second piece is called Translated Vase an outside piece made of ceramic trash and aluminum bar. Third piece called Bird- Shaped Ewer with Crowned Rider Holding a Bowl made of clay. Last piece called Bone Tear made of clay.

The piece is mostly made of stainless steel to make the tree that has a trunk that waves in and out of its self with a leaf like top. Hanging off the tree is ceramic bells that can make noise. In the trunk are blue lights that give it a blue glow. The piece is to show nature's beauty and by the music played by the bells and the pretty blue light it gives off a beautiful look just how the maker saw nature.
The piece is a ceramic piece that looks like a whole bunch of vases melted together. The melted vases all have gold trim and and white with blue designs. The designs are mostly blue flower prints. The meaning of the artwork is to show how things or life can get complex and messy. It also shows that you need all the fragments of something to make it work. The artist made this by founding fragments and putting them together. If you break it once it won't go back together the same. The blue and white is traditional Chinese colors for their art work. The work is arranged in a messy and complex way where you don't know where a vase starts or ends to show have an event in life can be. Also it looks broken and melted down to show if you break something you can't put it together the same again.
The artwork is a bird with a large body and smaller neck and head with an man on it's back. The face of the bird is smiling and has tiny wings that are flipped up and the bird's tail coming up to form a handle. A man is on the birds back and is dressed like a rich or powerful Korean man would of. The whole piece is a gray and blueish color. The man shows power and how his dressed show immoral power. The bird shows beauty and elegents.
This piece is a woman painted all white with a long vail. The woman has deep light blue eyes with tears doing down her face. She on her knees holding up her hand with tiny brown skulls in them. It's arranged the way it is to show sadness and helplessness. The white shows emptiness. The meaning of the art is to show how the world actions can harm in many ways and can weaken someone.
Credits: All media
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