The artist uses shading to add texture to the cat to create the appearance of fur. 
The artists adds a surrealist effect to this gun with fuzzy felt texture that greatly contrasts the solid silver elements. 
This piece also has a surreal effect from the fuzz that does not portray the typical texture of these materials. 
This sculptor creates texture with small detail in the wreaths and depressions for shadow to create contrast.
The shiny metal medium used for this sculpture adds to the smooth skin texture of this woman.
The creator of this piece used small indentations to create the texture of snake scales. The smooth metal feels like the slinky snake underbelly and the scales create the rough texture of head. 
The artist used color variation and short strokes to create the feather texture. 
This artist used lighting to add shiny texture to the apples and pottery. You know how smooth the apples are. 
This photographer emphasizes the knobby texture of the tree trunk. 
This piece uses contrast and depth to add texture. 
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