intensity by Gracie casas

My theme is based around Art that is has a very heavy, dramatic and intense subject matter. The feeling of pressure and drama encapsulated in canvas is one of my favorite things to see. In here you will find different styles, such as Cubism, Impressionism, Baroque, Medieval and so forth. Enjoy the ride. 

This compositions title as it suggests depicts a distressed man with an intense gaze. The brush strokes are uneven, and create total havoc around the mood of this piece, which perfectly match my theme
This piece depicts what seems like a quaint medieval village, however if one where to take a closer look one would see absolute destruction and death in every corner, leaving a wildly intense scene.
The scream depicts a man who is "screaming" on a bridge outdoors. The scene overall is very warped, the subject matter is placed right in the center creating that intense look perfect for my theme.
The subject matter in this piece are women seeming to tempt a young lad into consuming what they have to offer (Tobacco, Alchohol, etc). The subject matter and theme alone align great with intensity.
This piece is very abstract and cubist, leaving the viewer with a burst of many shapes and neutral colors. The hard edges that penetrate every little corner are what make it an intense piece for me.
The subject matter is two women, one who seems inconsolable and another who looks like she wants to help this distraught women. The raw emotion and noticeable drama make this piece very intense.
Jesus christ being crucified on the cross is what this painting portrays. There is so much drama in this piece centered right on Jesus its hard to describe just how amazingly intense it really is.
A death has just occurred on a battlefield, and everyone is around them in panic. The Baroque style lighting centered right on the dead man together with the drama surrounding him feels very intense.
This pieces graphic composition is a wonderful example of raw and intense subject matter. Corpses of mutilated men are hanging off a tree in a swamp with no censorship as to what has happened to them.
This compositions subject is insane. A giant head that also serves as a ship, people everywhere are distraught and caught in the middle of hysteria. Taking a closer look, one feels intense pressure.