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Element of Art - COLOR 

I chose those this painting because I found it interesting how the artist went about painting the sky. His different colors show ( in my opinion) that the time of day is in the afternoon, like sunset
In this painting, the painter uses the color red to indicate possibly a change in seasons when the leaves of the forest turn reddish orange.
This painting drew my attention because of the painters usage of gray and blue. From this painting I can tell that its a cloudy day
This painting looks very bland and basic, but I like the usage of gold of the mans shirt and the silk white that was used to paint the woman's dress.
In this painting the usage of light gold surrounded by a darker gold portrays that the man standing is a man of christ ( or God)
This painting drew my attention because its very dark and sinister. The red is used to resemble blood with a black background with portrays danger or darkness
This painting is very beautiful and elegant to me. Using a yellowish orange he illustrated the sun rising over a forest
Like the other dark painting, this artist uses red as a sign of evil. In this painting red is used as a sign of satan and the golden sky is used to resembler god or angels
This painting drew my attention because it is very lond with its color. I find it interesting that the artist uses the white to resemble the flow of water rather than blue
I love how the painter illustrates a starry night using different shades of blue, white and yellow
With this painting I found it interesting how the artist uses blue and white to paint in the horses rather than brown or black.
I found it interesting in this painting that the artist uses dark gray to represent rain
Like the other painting, this artist uses gold as a connection to angels or god.
I like how this artist managed to used white and yellow to resemble a sun rise and snow. It really feels like Im in Alaska.
This artist used color as a way to identify different types of fruits. The artist uses red and green to resemble a watermelon, yellow and brown for a ripe banana and orange to represent oranges.
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