The Darkness beneath

A gallery of the twisted, the horrific and the unsettling.

Making body parts into landscape truly takes a twisted mind. To make it also so delightfully real and unsettling is talent. The twisted imagery and vivid imagination required to make this piece come to life is what I love about art the most.
This more modern piece shows an absolutely twisted creature of flesh, machine, sexual and violent imagery all supposedly depicted an American Soldier. While the subject may be insensitive to some, the twisted imagery cannot be denied. For this artist, the soldier has become a monster.
Hyper realistic depictions of horrible or surrealistic acts are a fantastic use of a visual art form. The image is horrid and Judith seems so serene, which makes the overall realistic portrayal that much more unsettling.
Another very abstract piece. This approaches more a combination of various forms, most inhuman and twisted, but enough flashes of beasts and human to make it all one settling monster-made-landscape. Truly a twisted piece.
This particular piece was almost too simple and tame, but the otherwise perfectly serene picture of two woman lounging around is perfectly contrasted with a severed head on a platter. The head could have been anything, but instead it makes the piece vivid and horrible.
This is a interesting shift in art style. The harsh lines and blocky texture takes away from the realism but adds a bizarre depth to it, like it could be carved into the wall of a dark cave or harshly drawn into the book of a madman.
Almost verging on the case of a mad scribble, this depiction of a procession of damned souls has such a sorrowful despair to it that I couldn't pass it up. The harsh lines builds tension, but the vague shapes leads to a battle already lost as fate is accepted.
A brutal look at a savage fight takes a creepy turn as it seems to be so numbingly regarded by the people behind it. It was both the savagery and the lack of caring combined in this piece that singled it out. It's a twisted reminder of how much violence a world can take without concern.
A graphic and brutal feasting of blood, done in an almost faded and cartoonish style that keeps the horror of the subject from truly gripping us. But it is that fuzzy distance that gives the unsettling nature. We know it should be more horrible, yet we don't look away...
Another Gleeson piece, again very surreal. The blood red colors, nakedness and ominous figures gives a feel of mortality both uncaring and in danger. The frozen woman is left and disregarded as the man no doubt goes to his doom...
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