Color Impression

I've made this galery titled color Impression to show pieces that show and demostrate some impression of emotion and landscape and show the movement of color across a canvas to reveal an emotional stable image My name is Luis Santana and this is my Galery.

this piece complements my title the color impression since it is in impression style the flow of the painting looks almost circular giving it the appearance of going around the painting.
paisaje de midi is another impression style painting that complements my theme by giving it the asense of the outside and the living nature this painting has a perspective style too going from the foreground to the back.
this is another starry night done by Vincent Van Gogh this painting i find it apealing that it is done in impression because it gives the water the textures needed to look believable
this painting really uses the most of the impression style crating this pink valley showing us that the light reflecting on it may be a pleasant and worm color
this is another painting utilizing the effect of impresionism my doing those cold blue shadows and worm yellow light shines
woman with a straw hat, a beautiful squelchy looking impressionistic painting that i believe truly enphacisit on making the eye look closely utilizing small strokes one can also see some textures on the hat
how says leafs can't be simple strokes on a canvas has never truly done an impression style painting i mean by simple looks one can see and apresiate the simplicity of the impretion style
another simplistic yet elaborate painting done by Vincent Van Gogh simplistinc yes beautiful yes impresionistic style what else can one expect from vincent
one of claude monets pieces done in the impressionistic style altho it is flat it has the appearance of depth having the center tree on the closest and the rest torwards the back.
another beautiful piece done bu claude monet and i must say for being an impression style one can really see the details in the way of the water and the form of the rocks
Credits: All media
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