Different methods of advertisement through art

Advertisements have grown and changed throughout the years, especially with increasing technological advances. The purpose of advertisement is to catch attention. Therefore, most advertising methods involve bright colors or lights, as well as large figures and texts. 

Early advertisement did not have a lot to work with. Here they only had black and white coloring, so they used size to catch attention. The key words on the poster are much larger and bolder than the other words. The ad is also large in overall size.
Here the artist uses red and yellow to draw attention to the ad. In addition, the use the idea of people working together in society to achieve a common goal. This is inherently attractive to us as the viewers and draws even more attention to the ad. We as members of society are attracted to community and this ad plays on that attraction. Also, the words of the ad suggest a save in money which is also attractive to us.
Here the artist again uses the colors yellow and red to draw attention to the advertisement. In addition, they use the beauty of femininity to strengthen their ad. Femininity is inherently attractive to humanity and has proved to be an effective mode of advertisement. This practice is still used today.
In this piece, the artist not only uses bright colors to draw attention to the ad, but also a play on words. They illustrate the title of the company, "Atlas", in the form of a woman in Grecian dress from the time of Atlas the god. Clever illustrations such as these stick in the mind of the viewer and cause them to remember the ad and the product that it is advertising. I It catches the attention and makes the viewer think. This is another form of successful advertisement.
Here the artist again uses bright colors to draw attention to their ad. However, this time the artist uses natural space to create his ad. By painting the advertisement on the sides of buildings, the artist incorporates his advertisement into daily life which creates a greater attraction towards the subject of the ad as an every day necessary object.
This advertisement uses natural every day city elements combined with human faces and other familiar objects to convey its meaning. It was shown in Times Square in New York as a way of reaching as many people as possible. It is a combination of drawing and camera work and is an example of modern video-based advertisement.
This piece uses curiosity as its main weapon of advertisement. It gives just enough information to catch the attention and then leaves the viewer wanting more. Although the piece is simply black and white, it shows a very bold statement "This is not America's flag" which catches the attention of most people. This controversial statement causes people to go into the building that put out the advertisement to ask about it. This certainly fulfills the purpose of an advertisement. The point of the ad is that America is not simply North America, but also South and Central America who are not represented by the commonly recognized American flag.
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