Art history project

Sophie Nenni

I choose this painting to demonstrate that the red color represent the woman. Here the dress and flowers are in red and make this painting feminist and fresh.
The color red here represent also woman, moreover the background do not disturber us to see the woman.
I choose this painting to demonstrate that the red color represent the woman. Here there is no line but apple that make us understand the form of a heel.
Here is a one point perspective drawing that represented a house.
Here is a one-point perspective painting that represented a corridor. The focus point is the garden on the background.I like it, because of the line are not straight and make us look around the room.
Here is a three-point perspective painting. This painting have two focus points and the view is by down that make an impression of a maze or being lost.
Here is asymmetry painting that looks like a arch in a city.
Here is asymmetry painting that is abstract but I can see some animal as a bird or a horse.
Here is asymmetry piece of art repenting in my opinion a tree because of the color red and green with bird on it.
This is a abstract composition painting with curve line and a variety of color, That makes us feel happy.
this abstract composition was created with different kind of lines straight and curve.Moreover, the artist make a one point perspective and the line show us where to look.
This abstract painting has one point perspective and most of lines are curve.
This painting is really abstract but at the same time the texture that the artist make, help us to understand or imagine an other planet as Mars.
The artist use texture to make the viewer more cosy and feel the fire like if that were front of us. the texture that he used make us also understand that the fire lamp is made as wood.
The Last but not the least, is a representation of a flower vase. this painting looks real as a picture because of the texture that the artist make for each flower and the old table.