Principle of Emphasis the principle by which an artist draws attention to particular content in a work of art through the deliberate use of an element or elements.

The focal point in this picture is rather obvious. The lion attacking the antelope is front and center which lends it as the emphasis of our attentions.
My eye draws initially to the women in white dancing in a circle in the open space. A second focal point is the standing statue of sorts behind part of the crowd in the center.
Oddly enough, the title of the work is named after the man in the picture, although he is not quite the focal point of emphasis. His gaze, as well as the dog's gaze is aimed at the wife. The focus may be the two of them.
There are two focal points to this piece, one being the horse with the drawn carriage, and the other being the lights strung along the building to emphasize the place they riders are coming from.
Even though the women in the picture are not gazing at Saint Sebastian in the photo, he is still the focal point. This emphasis is used to create a climax of the story displayed.
The focus of this image is of the connection between the couple. As they gaze at each other, the bond they share is evident, and all other lines point to that connection in their faces.
The focal point to this image is rather obvious since the rest of the picture is somewhat empty. The women walking on the beach becomes the source of our attention.
The faces of all the figures in the picture at pointed at the center woman. The focal point seems to somewhat create drama and show the directional gazes toward that point of emphasis.
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