Curve of a Mural                      Ike Ojukwu 

This gallery includes building murals of women painted on buildings and walls.

This Untitled graphic art was created by Lean Frizzera. The woman in this piece has a curvy body shape and sits on her knees half naked.
This piece was created by Entes Buenos Aires. This image speaks volumes to the theme of this gallery. The curve image of the mother holding a child can be seen as mother earth
This piece was created by Cray Fish. The art work seem somewhat of a mix between graphic art and graffiti. The image it's self is full of curves for example the belly on the man to the roundness of the tires.
Lean Frizzera teams with Emi Mariani and create a fantastic curvy work of art. The image of the serpent can clearly be seen curving around her body curves.
The piece is a little different from the rest. The colors used are darker and harder not as bright and full of color like the others, but the medium is the same. For the top curve of her head curves can be found all over this mural.
The piece of work was created by Astrid, Parque Patricios. The work of art can be look at as sexist and offensive to some or beautiful and amazing.
The piece seems to capture the weaker or more fragile side of women. The women is seen with liquid coming from her nose, it is not clear what happen.
This black and white building mural shows a girl with a spray can and a bandana around here mouth. The motavational quote has spray paint drippings that gives us the ideal that she spray paints.
The Mural by Alice Pasquini looks to symbolise hope a as she looks up and beyond the skies. The mural is very curvy and colorful.
This piece is full of life and gives off the vibe of celebration. This image is perfect for this gallery because of all the curves that are seen in the shapes and lines of this image.
Credits: All media
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