Cool Colors

I like this painting because it is full of cool colors such as blue, purple, and violet. it has kind of an ombre effect; getting darker as it goes on.
This art piece is FULL of cool colors. Almost 90% of the whole thing is made up of cool colors.
I like this piece because it is packed with cool colors. The colors really bring out the attitude of the piece.
The background contains cool colors, which allows the pink men to stand out more.
This is a really beautiful painting made up of only cool colors, there are no warm colors.
This painting is made of only two colors; white and blue. White is a neutral color, but if it is mixed with a cool color, the piece itself would be considered cool.
This is a really simple painting made up of cool colors (blue and bage)
Here is a beautiful painting full of rich cool colors. most pictures of nature include cool colors.
Green and blue are the two most often used cool colors, and they make up the majority of this painting.
This is a really light art piece made up of only cool colors.
Credits: All media
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