The Golden Age of Ossur

An art gallery of everything gold throughout the ages for art history.

Beautiful gold hilt sword that is amazingly well preserved despite its old age.
Golden scarab necklace, battle worn by the Egyptians. Amazing detail in such an old piece.
I really love the shape of the handles and the quality of the carvings.
A really beautiful golden amulet, the precision of the craftsmanship is staggering.
A golden coin of Alexander III. Imagine how hard it is to reach the level of detail on a tiny golden coin in 300BC, i love the amount of work put into this one coin.
A golden Bulla of Daedalus and Icarus. The Daedalus construcs wings for Icarus and is skillfully shown in this bulla
A Beautiful golden spiral ornament which almost looks like a modern ring, decorated with flowers and what i imagine are two Gryphon heads.
This mace captured my attention immediately, it is really skillfully crafted and amazingly well kept, the design of the whole thing just astounds me.
This piece makes me both happy and sad, its a good looking golden scepter well preserved but it might have been used for awful things in its own time.
I have no idea what a lime dipper spoon is but this is to me a very fancy design for its old age and it has been very well preserved.
This golden pendant caught my attention, i kept thinking that this is just horribly uncomfortable to wear.
Really beautiful disk of a Sun Deity, the overall design is really scary.
This just left me breathless, the amount of detail in this is astounding!
Really beautiful design, i like the use of the color blue in it. It also represents something terrifying like sacrifice.
A really scary golden mask, i don't know if it is intended to scare or amaze.
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