Eternal Gaze

This gallery is based on works of art where the focus of the painting stares out in a hypnotic and alluring fashion. Entrancing whomever may come across the figure's gaze; allowing them to get lost for a moment in a surreal one on one staring showdown with the figure in the painting.

In this painting a woman is seen playing a clavichord in what appears to be a music room. The woman stares out at the spectator of the painting with a bothered look as if there presence has disturbed her playing. The artist uses the lighting coming in from the window and soft textures to make the woman appear as an almost ghostly figure; blending in with the music workshop she occupies.
In this painting a portrait of a young soldier is depicted holding a halberd. He stares out with an emotionless yet youthful gaze at the viewer of the painting with a longing look in his eyes. His face conveys a sense of worry, contrasting sharply with his posture which gives off a sense of worry defying confidence.
Here, Bacchus, the roman god of wine and liquor is shown in his adolescence. He stares out at the spectator with the challenging noble gaze that is well suited to a deity. The artist takes advantage of smooth lines in defining the young Bacchus's muscular form which conveys a strength that defy's the strength of an ordinary youth.
In this portrait of the young Queen Maria Luisa Gabriela de Saboya, the artist takes advantage of a black background to contrast strongly with the pale face and scarlet regalia of the young noble. The queen stares out at the viewer with a sultry expression, yet still conveys a hint of dominance characterized by her posture and societal status.
In this painting, a middle age woman is shown gazing out of the portrait with a charming demeanor denoted by the subtle smile that graces her face. The artist makes use of many short brush strokes that is characteristic of the impressionist style which gives the impression of the fleeting moments created by light striking figures in reality.
In this painting a beautiful young woman is shown gazing out at the audience with a challenging confidence that is born only from a lifetime of being regarded as someone who is beautiful. The art uses a large gradient of value using the center as the brightest point and fading to black the further away from the form you look.
In this picture a beautiful young woman is shown gazing out with a look that almost implies that she has recently been offended or has offended someone and feels regretful. She gazes out longingly at the spectator in a way that says "please forgive me." The painter uses soft textures and a foggy background that creates a sense of surrealism.
Here we have a portrait of a boy painted between the 13th and 14th centuries. He poses in a confident stance and gazes forward reluctantly giving the impression that he may have been a part of this painting against his own will. He captivates the audience with his defying glare, with a standoffish attitude. The painter uses bright colors to create a powerful contrast between the boy and the landscape in the background.
Here, we have a painting of an elderly man gazing out at the audience with the serene confidence and pride that comes from a life of overcoming conflict and struggle. He stares out in a manner that begs the audience "Who are you..?" The artist painted the elderly man in colors that ruggedly contrast with the burgundy background, creating a feeling of steadfast confidence through tumult.
Here we have a self-portrait of an artist wearing a white jacket. He stands in a confident pose holding a paint brush, and stares out at the audience in an incredibly self-aware manner. The artist uses a combination of masterful brush strokes to capture the ambiguity of form in subtle lighting, creating an austere and yet sultry visual effect for the spectator.
Credits: All media
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