The Groove shall set you free!

Everything in life has a certain rhythm, or a certain bounce to it. It's called a Groove. The Groove is the heart of music and all things make music. From the politics to music and love, the Groove effects us all. Find your own Groove and you can change the world.

This picture is of a African-American band in a nightclub setting. The artist is Edward Burra. It is said that he painted this painting with watercolors. He also depicted his love for music in this particular painting. Barra was also handicap so he used watercolors because the oil paints were to heavy for his hands. Although Burra was handicapped, he still found a way to convey his love for music through the very thing that held him back the most, his hands. Creating despite being deformed is quite "Groovy".
This artwork is of a well-known musician named Benny Goodman. It is said that he is "The King of Swing". The detail of the painting is top notch. Thin brush strokes with aggressive coloring make this a highly accurate piece. Goodman found his inner rhythm and brought a change that effected music forever.
This is a mural of our current U.S. President Barrack Obama. The artist uses what looks like spray paint to do this piece. President Obama moved to a different type of groove. He believe that his leadership and ideas would change the world. The rhythm to which he marches redefines the way future leaders will run the free world.
This a photograph of Duke Ellington playing a piano for some fans. The black, white, and gray is an indication of a flashbulb camera that may have been used in the era of time. Duke definitely found that inner groove. His contributions to music are still heard today's poplar tunes.
This artwork shows a band playing for a crowd of people. The brush strokes seem to be flat and rough. A lot of inconsistencies as far as patterns go. Musicians have to have a ability to have rhythm within. Without the inner groove, musicians wouldn't be able to help the crowd find one of its own.
This mural is of the great music legend Bob Marley. The artist used a lot of light-but-firm strokes to create such a piece. The background helps to highlight Marley's distinct features and personality. Bob Marley's strong message of peace and love helps us find where his groove originated from and that is the heart of man rather than the look of him.
This is a mural of famous Montreal pianist Oscar Peterson. The artist used very bright and vibrant colors to show how passionate he was about music. The brick does provide a very uneven surface, however, with smooth brush strokes the artist is able to maintain a constant painting. Oscar gave the world an inside scoop of what his inner groove sounded like.
This mural is of one the most influential men to grace the earth. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. mural seems to be created with spray paint. The artist would have had to use smooth sweeping strokes for the darker areas and jab strokes for the more defined areas. Dr. King use his inner groove to change the way we see human life. His non-violent approach to handling injustice created a groove to which we all to listen to till this very day. He was definitely in tune with the rhythm from within.
This photo is of Malcolm X. His inner rhythm and groove helped to revolutionize not only the African American community but those who also felt that the injustices of this Nation was not fair. One of his most famous quotes, "By any means necessary" has given life, hope, and strength to a generation that suffered much violence at the hands of higher ranked authority figures.
This photo is of NBA Legend Michael Jordan. He almost single-handedly changed the game of basketball in what we have today. In order to be a real life game changer, you have to be so in tune with your inner groove that it's all that the world sees and knows you by. He is definitely one the greatest grooves that I have ever seen or listened to.
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