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this picture reminds me how bad anxiety attacks you and how lonely and beaten you feel while suffering from it. it also reminds me of how much oxygen i couldn't take in that moment. i felt like i was gonna faint. Everytime this happens it feels like im drifting away from my own body.
in the picture i can see that even when you don't have anything you can make everything beautiful. it also shows me when your lonely, you're imagination will make you feel euphoria. This picture shows a boy that even though hes lonely he finds the beauty in he little things.
Sometimes everything seems difficult and challenging and you think there's no way out. It seems as if the wall are closing in on you as everything get darker. Little do you know that there's always a little spark that will guide you through that darkness. It may seem hard now and you may not be able to see everything clearly but let that little spark guide you through. Use that little spark and allow it to shine out the darkness.
in this picture it shows me its never too early to start an addiction. It also shows me that every body needs love and care to live a happy life. This picture shows young people that have nobody to care for them and developing a bad habit. It also shows not everyone can have a healthy life.
This picture shows a kid sitting below a dark object that seems to appear like a negative shadow. Even if he feels lonely and the shadow is right above him he doesn't know where the negative energy comes from. This picture appears to be a boy that seems like there's no way out of his lonely life. The kid in the picture looks like hes trying to get away from everything negative in his life but seems to run into it every time he tries to get away from it.
this picture reminds me of the holocaust. i see a lot of dark colors that represent the terrible things that happened at that time. It's like walking around in the world not knowing what's really behind everything. The dead bodies remind me of those unfortunate souls who always suffer stress and yet I ignored it all. Just like the blind man who walked through the dead bodies.
This picture is a reflection of how my life's been a struggle. It also reminds me of the times i've been down but been able to keep my head up. The colors of this picture bring out the inner me. This picture is also reminds me that even when people try to bring you down you have to try to stay up. This picture brings me back to my childhood when i used to play with the butterflies in the flower fields.
painting may be her way of expressing herself.
This picture shows that your never supposed to judge someone how they look but on how they act. Just cause the fish looks mean or evil doesn't mean it really is unless you really get to know it. This picture shows that its okay to be different. It doesn't matter how you look, if you know who you are and know that you're a good person that's all that matters.
This picture shows me that even when you really love someone and the other person doesn't love you back its best to make them happy by letting them go. Even when you get your heart broken there will always be food there for you. This picture is the reflection of when i got my heat broken. Anybody around you can hurt you no matter who it is. Even when you're meant for each other the right thing to do is let go.
This picture brings out the inner beast in me and my spiritual side. This picture is a reflection of how i am when someone gets on my bad side. This picture shows how i get during certain situations. This picture shows that everyone has a wild side. This picture reminds me of my spirit animal which is also a fox.
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