Dark skies

The unifying theme for my gallery is dark skies; I chose this theme because I think that the darkness of the sky adds complexity to the piece, especially when mixed with some lightness. A lot of the images I chose have this in common; mostly the skies are dark and ominous, but the artist adds dynamics and interest by putting in contrast with something light. For example, in "Summer Spire", most of the clouds and surrounding landscape are dark, flat colors, while the focal point, the chalk cliff, is white and so is a part of the sky. This commonality of contrast in seen also in "The Mill"; the area surrounding the mill is dark and ominous, while the spokes of the mill are lighter and so is the sky to the right of it. The light and dark contrast of these landscapes also helps to draw the viewer's eye around the painting, and can help the artist show the viewer more detail. In terms of content, all pieces contain dark skies and contrast the light and dark of the landscapes. Additionally, all pieces contain a focal point in the distance that is surround by a dark landscape.

Credits: All media
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