Make them for me?

Things I think are beautiful and would be beautiful if they were to inspire even better art from my darling sisters creative mind. 

In this one, the bit I focus on that really made me enjoy it is not so much read beard, as it is the sharp contrast of the red flakes in the blue of the background. This is also true for the ship.
I like the lack of focus on this. It leaves spaces for the mind to fill in a bit but doesn't cause heavy thought, just light mmm feeling, perhaps it's just the colors, but I do enjoy.
I like the precise calculated symmetry of this one. It's elegant, but bold.
This is the one I was talking about when writing on the van gogh painting. I love the firework-esque bursts of color.
i like the simplicity of this. the background is simple and doesn't draw attention, but adds to the image immensely.
the levels of focus
Credits: All media
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