Pleasant to Dark Landscapes by Michael J

In this artwork, John shows an angry mob attacking Jesus, who is defenseless on the cross. I like this one because it symbolizes a moment in my religion's history.
John Martin's work is sometimes referred to as "apocalyptic" or total "sublime terror". This reminds me of the recent scare across America, the "2012 doomsday".
This artwork shows Catholic men taking a journey to someplace, but seem to have gotten in some sort of bad storm. These men look as if they aren't going to hide, but continue going on.
Cezanne painted this one in the early 1880s, when he began to cherish family life. I like this one because it resembles an old village on the ocean/lakefront.
This artwork shows a landscape of the farm land Cezanne's father bought in 1859. Although, it wasn't until the mid-1880's when he decided to paint it. Along with the land bought came a big mansion that they lived in.
Cezanne like to paint these kinds of art because he thinks the the curving road brings you deeper into th painting. I like this one because of the almost "hidden" village in the woods.
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