Abstract in Music - James Cook

     This gallery includes paintings that have to do with different forms of music, but in a abstract form of style. In this gallery it will show how music has inspired different artists for centuries, with varieties of colors and shapes depicted in their artwork. These paintings were created between the years 1850-2013. 

Back in 1921, Wassily Kandinsky designed this, oil onto canvas painting, entitled "Shwarzer Fleck". Different elements are used in this painting in order to make it look like sound is coming off the painting. This painting was designed in order for the viewer to feel as if they are listening to music.
This was done by the painter, Gene Pendon, back in 2011. the artist wanted to pay tribute to the anniversary of the death of the pianist Oscar Peterson. This painting was designed for the community that Oscar Peterson was born in. The colors used in this painting are to give it a jazz look, which Oscar Peterson was known for.
This painting was done in 1938, by Paul Haefliger. This is a oil onto canvas painting with a dimension of w618 by h515 cm. Notice how the artist uses different objects to make the outline of the violin. Different varieties of brown are used in order to make a outline of a table it is placed on.
Juan Gris designed this oil on canvas painting back in in 1915, entitled "Guitare Sur Une Table. Juan Gris was known for painting different types of instruments in this kind of style, his favorite being the Spanish guitar. This guitar was painted with only five strings, instead of six strings, which these types of guitars usually have.
This painting was created back in 2011, by the painter Guy Juke. In this painting both the performers Bruce Springsteen and Alejandro Escobedo are scene playing music. This painting is known as a acrylic onto canvas, and was designed for the cover of austin Chronicle. This was created just after the 2011 austin music awards.
This gouache on paper, was designed by the artist Michaela Prochazkova,back in 1991, entitled small music boy. The boy is drawn with many hands as if he is playing really fast. The dimensions of this painting are w42 by h54cm. The boy is drawn with many legs also, as if he is dancing really fast
This oil onto canvas, cubism, painting was designed by the artist Juan Gris, entitled "la fender ovverte" This was the year that Juan Gris was known for painting a lot of still lives and landscapes. In this painting Gris emphasizes the open window with a lot of importance. by showing lots of light for the outside landscape.
Another by Juan Gris, is this w810 by h650 mm, cubism, painting, entitled Guitar and Newspaper, created back in 1925. Just like his painting "Guitar Sur Une Table", Juan Gris uses the Spanish guitar as his main element for this piece. Gris uses the sheet music and the guitar as a way to represent a musician coming up with musical inspiration.
This drawing was designed by the artist Arno Nadel between the time of 1878-1943. The man in this picture is smiling while he plays a unseen instrument, most likely a piano, and smiles as if he is enjoying what he's playing. It is not specified when exactly the artist created this piece of work.
This acrylic onto canvas, was created by the artist Sonni, back between 2010-2013. Many of /sonni's paintings are used to show the darker side of the places he's drawing, but this painting is used to show the bright and joyful side. The dimensions of this painting are w90 by h120 cm.
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