This exhibition is all about ballet from the LIFE collection. The photos are in black and white and in order of when the were featured in LIFE. They each show different ages, moves, genders and stances that ballerinas get to experience everyday. 

This photo shows the dedication and love that some girls have for ballet, even at a young age like this class.
This Photo shows Fourth position. There are five basic positions that every ballerina learns when they are young.
This ballerina is showing the move called "Attitude Renversee". Even though to most people this looks every difficult for her it isnt, look at her face, she seems very calm, balanced and beautiful.
Here yoou see a male performer practice while his dancing partners stretch before practice
These young girls and learning their dance and technique. You can see the different stages of technique these girls are in, some of them have straight legs and some girls are smiling with confidence.
This beautiful photo is taken during the Nutcracker performance. You can see the talent and passion both of these people body movements.
This photo shows the beauty for the outfits and technique of the art.
like this one some moves in ballet look like they are just playing. This photo is showing the flexibility of this woman, while also having a good time.
In this photo you can see how acting is a huge part of ballet.These two people are characters in this dance they might be lovers,or could be related,only a good actor can help us distinguish their role
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