The Art of Perspective

Perspective creates the feeling of depth in a picture by the use of lines that make the picture seem three dimensional.

The small details used in the background within the arch and the arch itself really helps give this picture a feeling of depth.
while looking at this picture and the use of very fine line work in the back of the mill gives the sense that the mill goes back much further then just where we can see in the painting.
the perspective of depth in this picture is due to the way the artist drew out the hallway and the placing of the people in the picture and sizing them to how far from the viewer they are.
setting the church in the background with a dirt road leading up to the water gives the viewer a sense of how far the road goes before you have to reach the church.
The usage of the river and the lines of the houses curving and going down the river are the reasons i picked this for perspective.
The background of this work is why I chose it, the small details like trees and houses in the back show the depth of the road that the people are on.
even though the area is mostly covered in snow you can still get a sense of depth from all the fine details in the area like people in the streets and building tops in the distance.
the way the water flows in between the two buildings and the detail put into the structures farther back in this work help the viewer feel as though they are looking into the inner part of the city from the view of one of the boats.
The depth in this picture comes from the lines on the floor and the way the buildings are set and the details of trees and hills in the background.
the lines in this work are the hills off in the distance and the ground lines that draw the viewers eyes off to the distance from the front of the picture.
Another painting with water flowing between two buildings giving the view a sense of depth on how deep the city goes.
The lines in this work are the river and the wall surrounding the castle like building. these draw the viewers eye to the tree covered hills in the back along with the rest of the river and the small towers of the catle wall.
this work was picked because of the lines of the outer wall of the palace, with then drawn at an angle inward to the center of the building you have a sense of being inside the walls and that the main building in set further back from where you are.
This work was picked because of the lines that were used for the dirt like path and the trees that make the Villa feel as if it actually recessed into the area that surrounds it.
The reason i picked this work is due to the artist drawing a building in the background through the forest giving it the depth and feeling of walking through a forest path.
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