Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

By Katie Dun

Selected Epigraph “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” -George R.R. Martin
I think that this picture represents how Patty Bergen was blinded by love and friendship which caused her to be unable to see how it would affect the rest of her life as well as the lives of her family and friends. I think that the universal theme of this story was love being dangerous, because of the relationship between Patty and Anton and the danger they put their family in.
This picture represents the beauty of the relationship between Patty Bergen and Anton Reiker.
I think that this picture represents the chaotic state of mind Patty is in during her entire journey with Anton. Between the danger that she is in, the danger Anton is in, and the potential danger she has put her family in, her mind is racing.
This is yet another picture that represents the chaos of everybody's lives. This picture represents more of the beginning of their relationship because of how colorful the image is. It represents the feelings between them but also the danger of them being together.
Jews were stereotyped during the time period this story took place. I think that this somewhat summarizes Anton Reiker because although he was stereotyped as a monster, he wasn't. I found the tone of this book contradictory, because the majority of the time Patty was doing the opposite of what she was supposed to.
With this being a very dark image I thought it represented Anton's death. The dark colors, especially the deep red, represent death but the white flowers represent the beauty he brought into Patty's life.
This picture to me supported the tone of the story. Typically black and white is used to portray sorrow and sadness, but this black and white image shows movement and excitement through all the patterns and different types of lines.
In this picture there are three innocent men in the foreground and then three creepy skeletons in the background. I think that the skeleton is an accurate representation of the stereotypical Jew, while the innocent men in the front are what Patty see all of the newly arrived POWs as.
This picture represents the danger, but also beauty, of the relationship between Patty and Anton. The ocean is truly a beautiful feature of the Earth, but is also very dangerous. The relationship was thought by Patty and Anton (not so much the parents) to be beautiful but it also put many of their loved ones in danger. This picture reminds me of many childhood experiences being crushed under what I thought were huge waves. Although I thought the ocean was beautiful, I realized that there were many dangers that came along with it.
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