The red art in different uses

Here will explore the different uses of art using the color red.

These my favorite color red. The favorite attribute of tis painting is that because almost all the paintings are color red. My favorite attribute is very simple paint it has simple colors and simple different colors red.
My favorite characteristic the red color is very beautiful The red color gives good attraction to the center of the painting. Is pretty good idea to use the red able look the middle of the painting.
These different piece of art because isn't painting is more artifact. First is color red my favorite color and it has very good detail in the piece. The bird looks very beautiful.
Mention the last comments I like this piece because is red color. I know is not painting is more sculpture and is pretty good one. Like the detail looks like puzzle. I cannot tell if somebody broke the sculpture and it was fix or looks like int he picture.
My favorite color is red and these painting has a lot of red yay. It looks like kind of elephant warrior and maybe chinese art and like the red border around it gives fluid to the painting and look is red in the middle of the figure you know what you a have to pay attention.
The is very beautiful book because contain very nice and detail drawing of animal in red of course my favorite color. When you look the picture the first time what the first animal you pay attention is red birth. It has very good detail the feather and the body.
My dream come true a red land scape. I have to be honest I don't know what this painting supposed to mean but I only like the color. I know doesn't to may detail but gives you the idea of land scape in color red.
Another sculpture that is color. My guess it was made with crystal. I choose these sculpture because to show something red and different like I don't know what is that or meaning but like the color red
Very good done sculpture in color red. I like to know if the root of the tree supposed to be worms or normal root tree. Overall think the sculpture looks little different of normal tree because it was simple red color.
I wanted to show how you can user used red catch the attention. When you look at the painting, what is the first thing you look at the painting the red arm and then you focused more in the person. That is my personal opnion
Here is different material of the use of red. Yes another chinese artifact and looks like skirt. I f you look you only pay more attention to the red color then any other. Overall the artifact has pretty good detail and I like the gold symbol.
These rare painting ever seen us because of the red point in the middle of the painting. First it has one point perspective gives the look your in road but is wear that the dot isn't in exact center. My guess is using the red dot to change the focused of the painting
These wear painting if read spanish it translate english: force to wear red cloth goose leg shape that distinguished from very far away. I don't care what means only liked because is red and looks like hearth. Think have little beth more detail.
Like these photo contains a lot of red art and different painting. They look very good and beautiful and I wish can take close look both for here looks like abstract art and good use red color
Finally these is my favorite painting of may collection because I like the detail has in the picture it almost look like flower. The most beautiful attribute is the red color it has good shading and variable of red is put into good use in the painting. These is the last painting I hope you enjoy my gallery.