CLAR 209 Chaplin Paintings of Nostalgia

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings constructed by Leonardo Da Vinci. This was meant to be just a portrait of his wife but it became very popular because of the unique smile. I chose this painting because it was present in one of my favorite movies, The Da Vinci Code.                                                                                The second painting "The Scream" was constructed by Edvard Munch based on a real experience. It took place when Munch himself was at the outskirts of Christiania. When the sky turned very red from sunset, he described the sky as bloody which was synonymous to death. The painting was said to depict life and death at the same time.                                      The third painting "The Starry Night" was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889 to depict the stars at night and the big star his brother said he saw. Van Gogh always liked stars because they made him have happy dreams. I chose this particular painting because i am also fond of the stars at night since i do not see them very often in the city side.                                                    The fourth painting was made in 1917 by Emil Fill, who was one of the most famous Czech artists. He was the first Czech artist who made the Cubist art style more prominent after Pablo Picasso. I chose this particular painting because i remember this was one of the cubist paintings i learned about in an art class. I remember trying hard to find the woman but it was difficult since all the lines were closed lines.                                         The last painting was painted by another Czech artist named Antonin Prochazka. He was also a cubist artist and he was inspired by Cubism when he went on a trip with his friends to Europe since it was there is saw paintings by Picasso and Matisse. I chose this painting because this was also a cubist painting i have seen in my art class. The man and woman was not as difficult to see though.                                                                     All these paintings have many different values, especially in the Cubist paintings since value would be crucial to making each of the blocks distinct. Value is also seen in the starry night from the different shadings of blue in the sky. Saturation of color, especially red, is seen in The Scream to emphasize the background colors. Lines were very important for the Mona Lisa because it was the way Da Vinci made his lines that made this painting famous. The soft lines within the painting made the body look more vivid and the smile difficult to interpret. It was that very smile that made that portrait famous throughout the world.     

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