Venus by jose valdez

the female nude : This gallery is about the Goddess of Love Venus. These beautiful collection of artwork of Venus, Cupid and others represents love, passion and amazing talent from all of the artist who captured true beauty. At first I was uncomfortable because of the nudity but after my research it became a masterpiece of art not nudity. These painting do express many stories about Venus, Cupid, Mars and Adonis.

This painting shows Cupid looking up to his mother Venus Goddess of Love.
Venus sleeping peacefully with a landscape behind her.
Venus standing nude and only cover by a small piece of cloth.
Mars holding Venus in a sexual manner and position as he comforts her breast.
The title says Venus disarming Cupid but it looks like Cupid is telling her a secret.
Venus being born as she emerges from the ocean fully grown and nude with angles above her.
Venus rising from the sea and the angles embracing her.
Cupid reading a letter to Venus.
Venus rising from her bed.
Even with all the love Venus had the pain of death is as strong feeling to deal with.
Credits: All media
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