We are all one with nature

This collection show off how no matter where in the world everyone is involved with nature. 

This picture shows a great example of nature. It has a perspective of showing people in a park when it was a nice day.
This painting is around the same time as the one before and shows more people enjoying a beautiful day outside.
This painting has different technique but shows how nature is random. The water lilies are the main focus on top of the water with grass all around them.
This painting shows a huge landscape full of fields and animals with their shepard. The animals are shown more focused in the picture than it fades into the distance.
This painting shows two people going through the woods with vibrant grass all around them. The flowers and weeds in the grass stand out more in this painting.
This painting is more asian influence and what they interpret of nature. They show vibrant colors and blend everything together.
This painting has a different texture than the other ones but you can still see that there is a nature aspect to it.
This landscape is full of contrast and movement to show a focal point of the town. Nature is all around the town and beyond.
This painting is a beautiful example of nature. The mountain is the main focal point of the picture.There is also a rainbow to add some more color and an essence to this painting.
This picture shows how even when we're gone nature can still be a part of us. The flowers on the grave give the grave a meaning.