Review of elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work Grace Bishop

This piece doesn't have any straight lines, all the lines in this piece are abstract. The only geometrical shape in this shape is the flower pot, the rest are abstract shapes.The shading in this piece helps make the pot look three dimensional and the flowers. The value is dark in the background because it is black, and then lighter values on the flowers and the flower pot. There is an implied texture because the way the flowers are painted makes it look like it has kind of a rough looking texture. The colors are yellow, blue, green and black. Not much space only really in the background
The color scheme in this are all dark so it gives a negative tone to the piece. The artist uses shading because all these fruits look three dimensional. There is implied texture because you can look at it and it almost looks like it would be fuzzy. The values are dark. There are shapes that are geometrical and abstract.
This shape has lots of form because every thing looks three dimensional, and the shading and the values are light and dark. The Light parts on the apples make it look like it has a glare on them and makes them look three dimensional.There is red and orange, and in the front the values are light but in the back there is dark values.
There are light values in this picture. The dark portions in the folds help the form and make it look three dimensional. There is implied texture and it looks gritty in some places and glossy in other places. There is whites and yellows in this picture. There are straight and abstract lines.
The values in this are dark and the shadows and shading are dark to help make the form. The colors are brownish. There is space in the back. There is implied texture that looks kind of harsh. The lines are abstract.
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