The Colors of Life

For class

The colors are used very well in showing how it feels for a life or time you once knew, fall.
The peace can be felt in the piece. Even though you can't see the mother or child's face, based on what they are wearing and location, you can feel it's spring.
The ash and shadows falling on him allow you to feel a feeling we all know to well and rather not experience much and that is fear.
The bright summery colors on a busy everyday life. The painting gives you an example of how it must have felt to live back in that era.
A very calm set of colors here as the day comes to a close. When everything that needs to be done is and it's time to just truly relax.
Although the name of the image is "Peasants' houses", it still looks very homey and surreal. This painting looks as if it is make completely of dots which I feel brings a simplistic feel.
Many people view winter as a time of sadness, despair and snow shoving but I see it as this painting does. Amazing, fun, and almost magical. The color of the sky changes everything else's colors. Some dark and some brighter while others receive attention that you wouldn't have noticed before.
What more can be said about this piece than the moon lights up the land and shows its colors even if they are dark and murky. 
I don't know what is exactly going on here and I don't have much of a guess it has something to do with gods? But the transition from the heavenly blue in the top right to the earthly colors in the center is really interesting. I can only imagination how tragic the story of this is.
Although this time period was referred to as "The dark ages", this painting takes it to a whole new level. The colors like so old as if almost rusted. It looks as still time has taken its toll and the original luster of it is gone for good.
Besides the men all being piled on top one another, the color is what defines the war. the dark sky, and murky brown water. The gray musket fire and cities in the background watching in awe as we kill each other.
I had throw in a classic painting. The night cases a light over the land as it always does. In this the sky moving a shifting and the land with it. It shows the difference between day and night.
This time period was a very colorful one in its self. Women were gaining rights, music became big and the war was coming on if not started. The different colors and dresses at this party gives a good example of how big this time was and how it also was a turning point in America.
Couldn't beginning tell you what this is about but it feels like it's under water. The right side looks as if it is a coral reef and the haze may have been dirt kicked up. I could be way off but this is a great example of how to us color.
Every color on the color wheel are here. I know this is a water mill but I feel like it's not. The water feel like clouds and the mill itself is creating it. Wonderful piece.